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The beautiful wave design makes a stunning addition to the bathroom. The wavy sides remind you of ocean waves. It is constructed of two acrylic sheets, double-ended finish, allows people to easily recline on either side. The gorgeous wavy tub will be the centerpiece of the master bathroom.

China's Professional Manufacturer of Acrylic Bathtubs.

EWECA BATH Is Acrylic Uniqe Tubs Manufacturers and Free Standing Uniqe Tubs Factory, Focusing On The Production Of Acrylic bathtubs. The Factory Is Located In Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, One Hour's Drive From Yiwu Airport. It Covers An Area Of 20,000 Square Meters, And The Workshop Area Is 40,000 Square Meters. The Monthly Production Capacity Of Bathtubs Can Reach 8000 Sets.

The Manufacturer Mainly Produces Acrylic Freestanding Bathtub, Acrylic Massage Bathtub, Acrylic Built-In Simple Bathtub And Shower Tray. The Products Are Well-used In Projects, House, Apartment.

Products Are Exported To 28 Countries And Regions Including The United States, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy, France, The United Kingdom, Sweden, Poland, Russia, Etc., And We Have Obtained European CE Certification, North American CUPC Certification, And Nordic REACH Certification. We custom Acrylic Free Standing Uniqe Tubs.

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What makes an acrylic free-standing unique tub different from other types of bathtubs

An acrylic free-standing unique tub is different from other types of bathtubs in several ways. First, it is a free-standing tub, which means it is not attached to any walls or fixtures in the bathroom. This allows for more flexibility in terms of placement and design options.

Second, the unique tub design may incorporate unusual shapes, such as oval or asymmetrical, or include features such as built-in seating or intricate detailing. These design elements can make the tub a statement piece in the bathroom and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Third, acrylic is the material used to construct the tub, which is lightweight and durable. Acrylic is also non-porous, which means it is resistant to stains and easy to clean. This makes acrylic free-standing unique tubs a popular choice for homeowners who want a bathtub that is both functional and stylish.

What are some examples of unique designs for acrylic free-standing tubs?

There are many unique designs available for acrylic free-standing tubs. Here are some examples:

Clawfoot tubs: These tubs have four legs that resemble the claws of an animal, which can add a vintage or classic touch to your bathroom.

Circular tubs: Circular tubs can create a modern and minimalist look in your bathroom. These tubs are often large enough to accommodate two people.

Asymmetrical tubs: Asymmetrical tubs have an irregular shape that can create a unique and eye-catching look in your bathroom.

Double-ended tubs: Double-ended tubs have a symmetrical design that allows for reclining at either end, which can be a comfortable option for couples.

Japanese soaking tubs: These tubs are deep and typically shorter in length than traditional Western-style tubs, which allows for full immersion while sitting upright.

How do you install an acrylic free-standing unique tub

Installing an acrylic free-standing unique tub is a bit different from installing a traditional built-in tub. Here are the general steps to follow for installing an acrylic free-standing tub:

Choose the location: Select a location for your tub that has adequate floor support and access to water and drain lines. Also, ensure that there is enough space around the tub to allow for easy installation and maintenance.

Install the drain and overflow assembly: Follow the manufacturer's instructions to install the drain and overflow assembly. This will involve cutting a hole in the floor to accommodate the drain pipe.

Set the tub in place: Position the tub in the desired location and use a level to ensure that it is even. Install any required support legs or brackets to keep the tub in place.

Connect the plumbing: Connect the water supply lines to the faucet and the drain line to the drain assembly. Turn on the water supply to check for any leaks.