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Different styles of bathtubs to create your favorite bathroom

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Is your home retro and elegant or advocating the beauty of nature? No matter which style you like, you can find a bathtub that suits you.
Style 1: Retro and Elegant
If time goes back, which period of time do you want to experience? When we are all immersed in the nostalgic time, what are we obsessed with? Decoration, relief, twists and turns, or old-fashioned colors will take us to find sections of the past.
It is self-evident that the light plays a role in bathing. The slight candlelight can relax the nerves of people bathing in it and present the most comfortable state. This independent bathtub is equipped with LED light strips around the skirt, which feels different from candlelight.
It is not a bathtub with retro element design that can be called a retro style. The periphery of this built-in bathtub is surrounded by simple wooden boards, which is simple and easy to operate. Instead, the mosaic floor decoration is full of literary and artistic atmosphere.
The beauty of nature in the second style
People who have lived in the city for a long time all yearn to plunge into the embrace of nature. This type of bathtub will bring you the most comfortable state of bathing regardless of its pattern or material.
In order to match the surrounding environment of the bathroom, the wall around the bathtub is also veneered with light brown tiles, which is different from the traditional treatment. This bathtub can also be placed against a wall to create different effects.
This bathtub embodies an exploration of the fundamental connection to the natural world. Designers often use organic shapes and geometric shapes to highlight their characteristics through the harmonious relationship between natural beauty and modern design.
Style Three: Natural Beauty
The changing, soft shapes and smooth curves of flowing water are reflected in every detail of the bathtub. The free-standing bathtub itself has a good ornamental value, and the raised and deepened design at both ends allows the person bathing in it to protect the privacy well.
The shape of the bathtub is an ellipse, and the four corners are all rounded arcs, which not only achieves a balanced natural beauty visually, but also protects the bather from harm when using it.