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Advantages of acrylic bathtubs

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The official name of the acrylic bathtub is a glass fiber reinforced plastic bathtub. The surface material is methyl propyl methyl ester, the reverse side is covered with glass fiber, and it is reinforced with special resin. The color of the acrylic bathtub is uniform, the surface is smooth, and there is no delamination and air bubbles.
The heat transfer of the acrylic bathtub is very slow, so the insulation effect is good. Even in the cold winter, the skin will not feel "cold" when it touches the surface of the acrylic bathtub. When the human body collides with the acrylic bathtub, it generally does not hurt the body. It is a must-have material for the manufacture of luxurious bathtubs.
Acrylic is a by-product extracted from deep-sea oil. Compared with cast iron and steel bathtubs, the cost of raw materials for making bathtubs is much lower, and the performance is very good, so it has price advantages and stronger market competitiveness.