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There are so many different styles of decoration that are dazzling. In fact, different styles correspond to different lifestyles: Modern avant-garde corresponds to unique personality;
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Dry and wet separation is a popular design concept in bathroom design. With traditional bathroom equipment, water vapor is always filled everywhere after bathing, and moist air stays in the bathroom for a long time, causing air pollution. Wet and dry separation includes separation of washbasin and bathroom; or separation of shower area from toilet and basin area.
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 If you want to be lazy, try the whole bathroom. Bathroom manufacturers or sellers will provide you with a complete bathroom solution. From sanitary ware to accessories, the design of any single product is integrated into a unified overall environment. With this overall solution, you don't have to worry about everything when decorating. For bathroom decoration, as long as you negotiate with the bathroom product provider, you can basically just let it go after you are optimistic about the design plan.
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In traditional feng shui, the feng shui statement in the bathroom is rarely mentioned except that it is necessary to suppress the evil side, while the modern feng shui in the bathroom has added a lot of new words. According to Feng Shui theory, the bathroom is called a dirty and humid place, and there are many taboos, such as not facing the door, not in the position of the air outlet, etc.
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Living spaces are getting smaller and smaller, and one of the main goals of interior decoration is to maximize the space in all the rooms in the home. This article will address how to use bathroom space to make it appear bigger, fresher and more vibrant? Is it really appropriate to take a break in the bathroom after a long day at work?
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